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Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles, CA

Looking for a Non Surgical BBL Near You in Los Angeles?

With close to a decade experience in helping ladies get their ideal physique with our Non Surgical Body Sculpting in LA we provide a non-invasive, injection free Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for the women in Los Angeles. Get your dream curves without going under the knife in Woodland Hills and the greater San Fernando Valley in LA. 

We promise a more voluptuous posterior with no fat grafting, no painful injections, no scars. You’ll feel the difference from the first session in. Instead of using traditional surgical methods like liposuction and fat grafting, this procedure employs Vacuum Therapy & Wood Therapy to give you your desired buttocks in a jiffy.

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Our Non Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is a specialized procedure that involves the transfer of your own fatty tissue to add volume and contour to your buttocks without implants.

Unlike the traditional Brazilian butt lift, vacuum therapy promises to help tone and tighten your rear without the use of incisions and fat grafting, which means no time off from your regular life and no healing time required, so you can go back to your regular day as usual, with a nicer booty!

Vacuum therapy is also known as vacuotherapy and depressomassage, which is used to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups. This is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. The results are instantly and leave your buttocks with a plumper backside. Multiple sessions may be required for your desired results in Los Angeles, CA

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Benefits of Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift


Lifts & Enhances the Buttocks

One of the main benefits of the Brazilian butt lift procedure is that it can lift and enhance the appearance of the buttocks, giving them a rounder, fuller, and more youthful look.


Balanced and Proportionate Figure

Another benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that it can help to create a more balanced and proportionate figure by adding volume to the buttocks, which can help to balance out the overall proportions of the body.


Natural Looking Results

One of the key benefits of the Brazilian butt lift is that it uses the patient’s own fat to create natural-looking results, rather than relying on synthetic implants or other artificial materials. This can help to reduce the risk of complications and ensure that the final results look and feel natural.

How Much is a Non-Surgical BBL in Los Angeles?

Our Non Invasive BBL Packages are divided into two types:

A Standard Brazilian Butt Lift that costs $200 for 45 Minutes. The Columbian Molding BBL Process enhances the effects with Double suctioning, molding and lifting, costing $200 for 1 Hour 45 Mins

Why Our Clients ❤️ Us

“I couldn’t be happier with my Brazilian butt lift from Anna. Not only do I love my new shape, but my confidence has skyrocketed. I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes and can’t wait to show off my new look. Thank you, Anna!”

Samantha Gregory

“I have always been self-conscious about my flat buttocks and never felt comfortable in swimsuits or form-fitting clothing. But after my Brazilian butt lift with Anna, I feel like a whole new person. My self-esteem has never been higher and I can’t stop looking at my new shape in the mirror. Thank you, Anna!”

Jackson Michael
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