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Our CEO, AnnaMarie, is a graduate nurse with over 7 years in the health field and 5 years in the beauty industry, and over 9 years of upper management. AnnaMarie is passionate about helping others who desire to reach their goals in life.

With her expertise in business development and management, she has trained so many individuals to become a better version of themselves and has helped so many clients in feeling better and looking better. She has done numerous beauty trade shows, extensive research in the skin care world and health field.


Now upon launching her own body sculpting business she strives to help others obtain body goals without going under the knife, as she is a mother who has also chosen non invasive treatment opposed to plastic surgery and it has left her very passionate to provide excellent service to others who are wanting results without surgery. She is currently furthering her education as a nutritionist and personal trainer so she can help so many others mentally and physically obtain better health. We are more than just a body contouring business, we are passionate about helping and care very deeply about your story and goals.

 “I want to help you in any way I can, rather it be getting you on the right meal plan, workout plan, body sculpting services, or just needing a little pick me upper about yourself! So let’s meet, you’ll be happy to encounter a caring person indeed!”

annamarie moore
Why Us

Why Choose Prestigious Body Contouring Spa


We provide your body with the desired body transformation, leaving you feeling great and more confident while embracing life with a more positive outlook on how one views their body.

An experience you do not want to miss.


We provide pain-free solutions through the use of cold, heat, lasers and other techniques. While your body is detoxing, you can enjoy an upscale relaxing spa that is truly designed for your inner peace. Most clients can nap during the session and wake up refreshed.


Our services are effective for removing pockets of fat that diet and exercise can't remove, tightening and toning up the skin, and detoxifying the body leaving you with no downtime or scarring.
There is no needles or pricking of the skin.
anna marie moore owner of prestigious body contouring in woodland hills
AnnaMarie Moore owner of Prestigious Body Contouring
anna marie moore owner of prestigious body contouring
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